Answer for ice with a whisky

Hello Zig,
What I will say is do not listen too much to what the others say. Whatever you like to put in your whisky, that’s the way you should drink it and enjoy it.
Many even get very particular on the type of glass you should drink out of, and in a way they are right. Spending a lot of money ona a great whisky (or whiskey) warrants a glass suitable for the job, something resembling a brandy glass or a nice crystal glass with your favorite design. The glass will allow the liquid to be swilled around the glass without spillage, and also contain the smells in the neck of the glass.
Many enjoy ice with whisky (or whiskey), but you should at least taste the drink at room temperature and without diluting the drink or changing its temperature as this prevents the whisky (or whiskey) from releasing its full variety of flavors.
Sometimes however, adding a little drop of water (again at room temperature) will help the whisky (or whiskey) release its flavours without overpowering your sense of smell. Experts suggest that if you are going to dilute the drink, do so with around 25% of water to whiskey. My suggestion is, experiment with what you prefer – some whiskies will be best without any water. Oh, and if you are going to go down the water route, use still bottle water at room temperature so as not to influence the whiskey in a negative way.
No matter what your preference though, try a great cigar with your drink – you won’t be disapointed!
Hope that helps you make up your mind …
– Chris Chivas