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various reviews of whiskey related items

Review of the best whiskey gadgets

Here are some of the best whiskey gifts and gadgets out there, some of which would make perfect gifts.

  • Whiskey stones:

Whiskey stonesCall the whisky stones or whiskey stones, either way they are excellent little things. For those who want a chilled whiskey but do not want to dilute the flavour with ice, these stones are perfect. Made from granite, they simply hill your drink as a block of ice would, except it will not affect the taste.

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  • Jameson Irish coffee shot pack:

Jameson Irish coffee shot packThis is a brilliant idea – a unique way of making an authentic Irish Coffee.


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  • Macallan ‘Golden Promise Barley’ Pewter Stopper:

Macallan 'Golden Promise Barley' Pewter StopperIf you want to wow your guests then buy this stopper – it’s unique and cheap!


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  • Hoffman Mrs Lucky Leprechaun Musical (Empty) Decanter:

Hoffman Mrs Lucky Leprechaun Musical (Empty) DecanterAn excellent way to keep your loved ones distracted while you pour yourself another drink!


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  • Electronic Cigar:

Electronic whiskey cigarI know this isn’t directly whiskey related but everyone loves a cigar with their whiskey, so why not try one of these bad boys. No external smoke, so no complaints from people around you.


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Review of the best whiskey bottles

We have rounded up some of the best looking bottles which the world of whiskey (and whisky) has to offer.

  • Chivas Revolve:

Chivas RevolveChivas brothers have brought us this spinning bottle which will keep you entertained as it allows you to twirl the decanter whilst sipping your drink.


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  • Chivas Royal Salute – A Tribute to Honour:

Chivas Tribute to Honour

Chivas have designed the most expensive bottle of whisky (yes, the bottle comes with whisky) which is dressed with 413 black and white diamonds, studded across the stopper, collar and sterling silver plinth of the bottle, while having a stunning replica of the Sword of State on the front of the bottle, flanked by exquisitely-crafted golden lions.




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  • Nikka Gold & Gold:

Nikka Japanese SoldierNikka have made this exquisite bottle of a Japanese soldier…a real authentic touch.








Gordon & MacPhail:

Gordon & MacPhailA Sleek bottle filled with the oldest single malt whisky, distilled in 1938.


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Inish Turk Beg:

Inish Turk BegThis Irish design will keep you wondering if you have maybe had a bit too much to drink.


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