Review of the best Irish whiskey brands

Irish whiskey is considered by most to be the best there is and ever will be. Irish whiskey brands are traditionally blended with both un-malted and malted barley in pot stills, they are triple-distilled and not commonly peated. This in turn results generally in a smoother and lighter whiskey as opposed to Scottish whisky for example.

irish whiskey brands





Looking at Irish whiskey brands, here are some of the greats:


  • Bushmills Whiskey:

Bushmills whiskeyBushmills create a fabulous whiskey – if you get the chance, try the 16yr Single Malt. It has a sweet and rich flavour to it mainly because of the mixed ageing process in bourbon, sherry and port casks. It smells of nuts and fruit and has a really creamy and sweet finish. Lovely!

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  • Jameson Whiskey:

Jameson WhiskeyBy far one of the most well known and easily enjoyable blended whiskies Ireland have to offer. It has a hint of sweet nutty flavour and is slightly “woody”.

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  • Redbreast Whiskey:

Redbreast WhiskeyA highly reputable whiskey, having won awards and mentions in various books. It is a wonderfully balanced pure pot still (made with malted and un-malted barley and distilled entirely in pot stills) Irish Whiskey, with a warm texture, it comes packed with rich and sweet flavours, giving you a spicy kick to knock you out.

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