Review of the best whiskey gadgets

Here are some of the best whiskey gifts and gadgets out there, some of which would make perfect gifts.

  • Whiskey stones:

Whiskey stonesCall the whisky stones or whiskey stones, either way they are excellent little things. For those who want a chilled whiskey but do not want to dilute the flavour with ice, these stones are perfect. Made from granite, they simply hill your drink as a block of ice would, except it will not affect the taste.

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  • Jameson Irish coffee shot pack:

Jameson Irish coffee shot packThis is a brilliant idea – a unique way of making an authentic Irish Coffee.


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  • Macallan ‘Golden Promise Barley’ Pewter Stopper:

Macallan 'Golden Promise Barley' Pewter StopperIf you want to wow your guests then buy this stopper – it’s unique and cheap!


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  • Hoffman Mrs Lucky Leprechaun Musical (Empty) Decanter:

Hoffman Mrs Lucky Leprechaun Musical (Empty) DecanterAn excellent way to keep your loved ones distracted while you pour yourself another drink!


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  • Electronic Cigar:

Electronic whiskey cigarI know this isn’t directly whiskey related but everyone loves a cigar with their whiskey, so why not try one of these bad boys. No external smoke, so no complaints from people around you.


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